Satellite Spiridon

This is a community satellite for the federated Storj network.

What is this?

This is a lightweight community Satellite for Storj network.

It doesn’t store permanent data, but helps to monitor your nodes + share the collected statistics with the community.

For example: it can notify via Telegram on (Push notifications) in case of any problem.

What is a satellite?

Satellite is the metadata server of the federated Storj network. Usually it stores the location the data, while the connected Storagenodes are hosting the data.

This Satellite is special as it doesn’t really store data.

How can I join to this Satellite

Set the following environment variables for yor Storagenode:


Note: STORJ_HEALTHCHECK_DETAILS is not required, but it helps to maintain a list of satellites with reputation (usage) data. This flag will share the connected satellites + scores with the public (including this satellite).

Warning: Please carefully check which data is published on this site (address, version, uptime,…). Join only if you are comfortable with transparent data sharing. (Operator email address will never be shared, as we don’t store them.)

How can I get notifications about my Storagenode


Search for @satellite_spiridon_bot on Telegram and use /subscribe <nodeid>.

Supported commands: (mobile/desktop, push notifications)

Login with your wallet, go to the My Wallet page, and generate a new topic.

Please note: topics are public, if the random topic UUID is exposed, others may get notifications as well.

How does it differ from original Storj satellites

Planned resource boundaries:

Do you have feature plans

A lot. For example:

How does it work technically

This is a full reimplementation of Storj Satellite protocol without using the original code of storj/storj. It’s quite easy as we don’t need to support any real upload/download/accounting only a very few endpooint to manage nodes.

Is it a paid satellite?

Nope. But it doesn’t really use your resources anyway.

If you would like to get money, join to the Storj Labs satellite: (Enabled, by default)

Who is the operator of this Satellite?

Márton Elek. Long-term open source maintained, Apache committer / PMC member, and – as of now – employee of Storj Labs. Running this Satellite is a private effort and independent on Storj Labs. (but expertise learned during the daily job certainly helped).

Bug report / feature request / security report